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Welcome to the Eye-Fuel Home Page

Eye-Fuel Online Portal

Online Portal

Register and open an account with one of our sales staff.  You will be given a user ID and password to gain access to our Online Portal.

Eye-Fuel Home Page - National Network​

National Network

We are available nationwide through our partnership network. Use our National Network page to find your nearest partner to assist you.

Eye-Fuel Home Page - How It Works​

How Eye-Fuel Works

When a vehicle arrives at one of our national network of fueling facilities and starts refueling, an automatic photograph is taken to illustrate proof of delivery.

Eye-Fuel - Why Choose Eye-Fuel

Why Choose Eye-Fuel?

Stop fuel fraud dead in its tracks! We are your ultimate solution for Fuel Management whether you are a single vehicle or major fleet operator.

We are an on-road Fuel Management System owned and controlled by Samuels Admin, a subsidiary company of the Samuels Group. Our system is designed with effective controls to improve fleet management. This forward-thinking, environmentally-friendly Fuel Management System is made possible by a national network of service stations across South Africa.

An On-road fuel management system to control and manage fuel fraud. Enquire about Eye-Fuel today.

Are you interested in an environmentally-friendly on-road Fuel Management System? Visit our Contact page and send us a message. Alternatively, you can call us to enquire about our paper-free system that’s able to immediately calculate your vehicle’s consumption and keep track of your driver’s fuel stops.
We look forward to hearing from you.

In order to register a vehicle, the following information is required. This information will be be pre-loaded in the Eye-Fuel Online Portal:

  1. Fleet details e.g: fleet number, registration numbers
  2. Driver’s names
  3. One-to-one mapping of truck and driver is NOT required.
  4. An online portal is provided for easy information updates and is accessible 24-hours a day.

Please call our helpdesk on 031 538 3333, so that they can assist you in opening up your company’s own on-road fleet management solution today.