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Eye-Fuel is an on road fuel management system that is owned and controlled by Samuels Admin, a subsidiary company of Samuels Group. The system is designed with effective controls to improve fleet management. This fuel management system is made possible by a national network of service stations across South Africa.

Online Portal

After registering and opening an account with one of our sales staff, you will be given a user id and password to gain access to…


Why Choose Eye-Fuel?

Stop Fuel Fraud Dead in its Tracks Eye-Fuel is your Ultimate Solution for Fuel Management whether you are a single vehicle operator or major fleet…

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How it Works

When a vehicle arrives at one of our national network of fueling facilities and starts refueling, an automatic digital still photograph is taken of the…

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National Network

Eye-Fuel is available nationwide through our partnership network. Site contact details and site facilities is available by clicking the logo on the map on the webpage.…

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