How the Samuels Group designed this easy to use system:

Reference used when developing the Eye-Fuel system:

  1. Keep it simple – no sophisticated and clumsy electronic gadgets.
  2. Make administration as easy as possible.

As a result, we have designed our Eye-Fuel system to be easy to use and highly effective for our customers. By using a completely paperless invoicing system that records dated and time-stamped photographs of both vehicles and the drivers as they refuel.

Eye-Fuel can immediately calculate the vehicle’s consumption, and if it falls outside the predetermined range, we will immediately alert you, our customers, via SMS to communicated that possible fraud could be taking place.

Why choose Eye-Fuel:
7 Fantastic Benefits

  1. A drastic reduction in fuel fraud.
  2. Reduced administration.
  3. On-road control over truck and driver.
  4. High consumption reporting.
  5. Market intelligence on drivers.
  6. Fuel consumption comparison by vehicle make and model on a basis.
  7. No administration or system charges – yes, system updates and information amendments are 100% free!

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