A step-by-step guide to understanding how Eye-Fuel works:

Step 1. When a vehicle arrives at one of our national network of fuelling facilities and begins refuelling, a digital still photograph is automatically taken the vehicle.

Step 2. The driver must report to the cashier counter, and a digital still photograph of the driver will be taken.

Step 3. After refuelling the odometer reading is recorded. Eye-Fuel will immediately calculate the vehicle’s consumption. If the consumption is outside a specific predetermined range, then Eye-Fuel will immediately send a text message to the vehicle controller, with the following information: the vehicles registration, vehicle consumption, the driver’s name, the site name, the quantity of fuel and the site phone number.

Step 4. An invoice will be emailed directly to the vehicle controller with both photographs taken to illustrate proof of delivery.

Step 5. The vehicle controller will have access to an online portal where they can access and make use of fleet reports, invoices as well as vehicle and driver information.

This easily accessible online portal is where new vehicle and driver information can be loaded onto the Eye-Fuel system.

How Eye-Fuel Works: The online portal

The Eye-Fuel Online Portal will offer you the following:

  • 24-hour reporting modules to manage your fleet costs (comparative costings to national averages).
  • Mini account statements.
  • Load and/or delete your vehicles and drivers (the system will update automatically)

This easy to manage online portal is internet based which means you can access it 24-hours a day via your computer and even on your mobile phone.

Eye-Fuels simple registration process

In order to register a vehicle, the following information is required. This information will be pre-loaded in the Eye-Fuel Online Portal:

  1. Fleet details e.g: fleet number, registration numbers
  2. Driver’s names
  3. One-to-one mapping of truck and driver is NOT required.
  4. An online portal is provided for easy information updates and is accessible 24-hours a day.

Our highly-qualified team of consultants will get back to you as soon as possible to assist you.

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