Stop fuel fraud dead in its tracks with Eye-Fuel

Are you frustrated with supposedly sophisticated and expensive fuel management systems that offer plastic card facilities or electronic tagging for your fleet, yet deliver very little benefit? Is fuel fraud impacting your bottom line severely as a result? Are you paying to much for fuel?

Eye-Fuel has the solution and will save you lots of cash.

What is it?
It is an on road fuel management system that seeks to control and manage fuel fraud.

How is it different?
1. The system is designed to be basic and effective.
2. It offers a paperless invoice system that records a photograph of the vehicle refueling and uses the latest biometric technology to record the driver’s fingerprints, as part of the proof of delivery.

How does it work?
1. When a vehicle arrives at one of our national network of fueling facilities and starts refueling, an automatic digital still photograph is taken of the vehicle.
2. After refueling the odometer reading is recorded. Eye-Fuel will immediately calculate the vehicle’s consumption. If the consumption is outside a predetermined range, then Eye-Fuel will immediately send a text message to the vehicle controller, with the following information: vehicle registration, consumption, driver name, site name, quantity of fuel and site phone number.